How to connect AfterShip to Magento 1

(AfterShip support multi-stores of Magento, you can specify the store by inputting the corresponding store ID when connecting your magento store to AfterShip)

1. Create Role

a. From the Magento Dashboard go to:  System --> Web Services --> SOAP/XML-RPC - Roles

b. Click Add New Role

c. Enter Everything as the Role Name

d. Click Role Resources --> Resource Access: Select All --> Click Save Role

2. Create User

Once the Role has been created, you must now create a User

a. From the Magento Dashboard go to:  System --> Web Services --> SOAP/XML-RPC - Users

b. Click Add New User

c. Fill out the fields with the data of your choosing --> Click Save User

User Name and API Key fields are the information required by the AfterShip / Magento connector

3. Add User to Role

a. Click User Role --> Select the Role: Everything which was created in the first step --> Click Save User

4. Head back to AfterShip Magento Connector and fill in details

Now that you have your API details from Magento, head back to: to establish the connection.

  Store URL - The address of your magento shop (remember to input http:// or https:// and include www if needed)

  User Name - User Name created in Step 2 

  API Key - API key created in Step 2

  Store ID - Optional ( Finding store ID )

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