Verify sending domain for shipping notifications

Starting from 20th April 2016, we will be switching from Mandrill to SendGrid for sending notifications. Follow this guide to create three CNAME records to remove `send via` or `on behalf of` or sendgrid in our email notifications. 

Create 3 CNAME records, & email

You need to create three CNAME records to your domain's DNS settings in order to verify domain at Sendgrid, meaning that we and sendgrid have authority to send emails using your domain. Then notify support team at to confirm. 


Users previously setup DNS

Users previously  setup up DNS (SPF and DKIM records) to verify domain at Mandrill are required to create the above CNAME records if they wish to verify domain at Sendgrid. 

Reason switching from Mandrill to Sendgrid

All Mandrill users will be required to verify their sending domains and add SPF and DKIM records by April 27. Mandrill's latest policy means that platforms like AfterShip can no longer send out emails from customers' domains unless they verify the domain. As such, we need to switch to Sendgrid.

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