How to correctly import/open a CSV file in Excel?

In order to bulk upload tracking numbers to AfterShip, the CSV file has to be of the correct AfterShip CSV format.

Most of the time when you open a CSV file in Excel, the format of the cells changes due to which the tracking numbers may not be correctly added to your AfterShip account.

Please follow the steps mentioned below to correctly open a CSV file in Excel, without changing the format of the cells:

  • Open a blank excel sheet. Go to the File menu and select Import...
  • Select the import type as CSV file and click on the Import button. 
  • Select the CSV file you want to open. Once selected, the Text Import Wizard will be displayed. 
  • Select the Delimiter as a Comma and Click Next. 
  • Select the Column data format as Text and Click Finish. 
  • Enter the starting cell of the imported CSV file and click OK. Your CSV file will be successfully imported.


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