Setup a custom domain for tracking URL

Setting up a custom domain ensures a signature of store owner on the tracking page. It is an effective way to align your store with AfterShip and build customer trust and loyalty at the same time. Use your own URL to display the tracking info instead of using 

For example: 

Select a domain provider

There are many DNS providers available that can help store owners to register/rent a particular domain. For ex. GoDaddy,, bluehost etc. Select a domain apt for your store.

Make CNAME entries with DNS provider

Add CNAME entries within the DNS settings. The steps may vary as per the DNS provider user interface.

  1. Login to your DNS provider, and create a CNAME  
  2. Enter a host name or subdomain (For example: track ) 
  3. Enter destination URL as 

Set up AfterShip brand settings

  1. Go to Brand Settings
  2. Fill in Brand Name and Subdomain to match CNAME entries created in DNS settings.
  3. Enter custom domain within Tracking Page field.
  4. Wait for 24-72 hours for verification allowing it to propagate and properly point to AfterShip.
When you visit the subdomain, you should see a Track Button where you can enter a tracking number.
The Track Button will make use of the carrier settings from your AfterShip account.
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