Set up a custom domain for the branded tracking page

AfterShip enables you to create a custom domain for the branded tracking page to enhance brand visibility and increase post-purchase customer engagement.

💡 Benefits of a custom domain

📌 Promote your website 

📌 Build customer credibility 

📌 Accelerate search engine optimization

📌 Enhance brand consistency

💭 How does a custom domain work?

Use your own custom URL (for example to display the tracking information instead of using 

💻 Select a domain provider

There are many DNS providers available that can help store owners to register/rent a particular domain. For example. GoDaddy,, Bluehost, etc. Shopify provides a custom domain to its users by default.

💻 Create CNAME entry 

  1. Login to your DNS provider, and create a CNAME  
  2. Generate a hostname or subdomain (For example track name) 
  3. Enter destination URL as 

These steps may vary depending on DNS provider user interface

🔧 Edit AfterShip brand settings

  1. Go to AfterShip Brand Settings> enter Brand Name and Subdomain to match CNAME entries created using DNS provider
  2. Enter the custom domain within the Tracking Page field

It takes around 24 hours for the changes to take effect. You can also insert this URL to the track button code of your store page.

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