How to add Google Analytics Tracking ID

1.Creating a new Google Analytics account

If you don’t have a Google Analytics account set up for your site yet, you can do so quite easily.

1) Go to Google Analytics, click SIGN IN and select Google Analytics, sign in with your Google (Gmail) account.

2) Click on the  Sign up button.

3) On the next screen, select the Website tab.

4) Enter the Account Name.

5) Enter the Website Name and the Website URL you want to track.

6) Select the desired Industry category and Reporting time zone

7) Click the  Get Tracking ID button.

9) Read the Google Analytics Terms of Service Agreement and click the I Accept button.

10) Copy the Tracking ID and paste it in Customize Tracking Page

2. Using an existing Google Analytics account

1) From Google Analytics, sign in with your Google (often this is a gmail) account.

2) Select the Admin tab.

3) Select the Account and Property you wish to edit from the drop down list.

4) Select Property Settings option.

5) Set Default URL to https:// or http:// and update the URL path and set All Web Site Data under the Default View

6) Click Save button.

7) Return to the Admin page and select Tracking Info under Property section, click on Tracking Code.

8) Copy the Tracking ID and paste it in Customize Tracking Page

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