CSV Auto Fetch using Google Drive Spreadsheet

You can automatically import tracking numbers to AfterShip using Google Drive Spreadsheet via  CSV Auto - Fetch. Google doc allows you to invite other users (e.g. fulfilment house or drop shippers) to work on the same CSV file. 

In order for our system to download the CSV file, you need to follow this guide to generate a download link for the CSV file of Google Drive Spreadsheet. 

1. Open a Google Drive Spreadsheet

a. Download  AfterShip CSV Sample.
b. Copy and Paste the temple to  Google Drive Spreadsheet.
c. Click  Share  to change share settings.

2. Change Access Settings

a. Click  Change...  to change access settings.

b. Click Anyone with the link.

c. Click Save.

3. Publish to the web...

a. Select   File  at the top navigation.

b. Click Publish to the web....

c. Make sure the option  Automatically republish when changes are made is checked.

d. Click Start publishing.

e. Copy Document link.

f. Update  Document Link to CSV File Link.

g. Replace  pubhtmlwith export?format=csv.

Change from:


Change to:


4. Setup CSV Auto-Fetch at AfterShip

a. Paste  CSV file link  to AfterShip - CSV Auto-Fetch settings.

b. Click Fetch now and schedule.

c. If successfully connected, you should be able to see a green sign of the connection.

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