Why is AfterShip's tracking result different from the courier?

AfterShip integrates 450+ couriers worldwide. While each courier has different ways to present the delivery information, AfterShip thinks it is better to standardize the user experience for tracking across all couriers. 

1. Nicer Layout & AfterShip's Delivery Status 

Unlike simply posting back the same results in the format you get at the courier site, AfterShip will study the delivery results and give each shipment a new delivery status to describe the current situation and re-format the information to fit the AfterShip standard. 

2. Additional Fields

Users can add additional information to each shipment, e.g. title, order id, destination country, courier contact. Such feature is to help the user to easily follow up with the courier or customer, and also help you send out a more personalized notification. AfterShip also allows the user to add unlimited custom fields. Learn more about the definitions of fields in AfterShip.

3. Origin & Destination Tracking

Most of the cases when you use a local postal service to ship a product, the delivery results stop at the origin country. If you want to get delivery results in the destination country, you have to visit the website of the postal service in the destination country. AfterShip, however, will allow you automatically track the shipment at both origin and destination in one record. Learn more about Origin & Destination Tracking. 

AfterShip will track your shipment real time only when you first import the shipments to AfterShip, and from then, AfterShip will keep tracking your shipment every 30mins - 2hours to get delivery updates from the courier. 
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