Why should I use AfterShip?

AfterShip is a package tracking and notification application for online retailers.

Track Shipments of 500+ Couriers
AfterShip allows you to connect with over 450 carriers, and track all your shipments in one place. Save your development cost and time on dealing with different tracking systems. What's more? AfterShip standardizes the layout of tracking results of all carriers, making it easier to read.

Notify Customer & Yourself
AfterShip allows users to send out delivery notifications when a shipment is in transit, out for delivery, delivered, failed delivery attempt or exception happens. Greatly reduce customer enquiries and improve customer experience. 

Business Intelligence / Shipping Analytics
AfterShip allows you to get an overview of your shipping performance, e.g find out which shipments are not yet delivered after certain days and your average shipping volume.

Gather information on customer behaviour using the tracking page, unique to one AfterShip account.

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