How to connect my Magento 2 store to AfterShip


1. Create a User Role

a. From your Magento 2 admin dashboard go to  System -> User Roles.


b. Add a new role and name it AfterShip (suggested choice).

c. In the Role Resources tab, give permission to the newly created role to access attributes of Sales, Catalog, Customers, Reports, and Stores.

d. Save the role.


2. Create a new User

a. Go to your Magento 2 admin dashboard and open System -> All Users.

b. Add a new user by clicking Add New User.

c. Choose a username and password. You will also need to input your Magento 2 password for verification.


d. Give the new user the role you just created.

e. Save the user.


3. Find Store ID

a. From the Magento 2 admin dashboard, open Stores -> All Stores.

b. Click on the target Store View.

c. Then you can find the Store ID in the browser URL.


4. Head back to AfterShip Magento 2 Connector and fill in details

Lastly, go to your AfterShip apps section, click on the Magento 2 connector and fill in the details you just created. (Shortcut:

Your Magento 2 store should now be connected to your AfterShip account.


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