What will happen after connecting a store to AfterShip?


Once you connected your store to AfterShip through  our Connector or API, shipments added in your store will be imported automatically every few hours to your AfterShip account. Please note that invalid or duplicate tracking numbers will not be imported to AfterShip - so In case you're testing the connection, make sure you add some valid tracking numbers to your store, and also set your courier preference at your AfterShip account. Get sample tracking numbers

Auto Tracking ( Free)
Shipments imported to your AfterShip account will be matched with the correct couriers and tracked automatically for free at AfterShip. Each free account comes with a Dashboard to monitor the current statuses of all shipments. You can also filter your shipments by dates, statuses, couriers and destination. Find out if all your shipments are delivered on time and discover any exceptions. 

Auto Notification ( Premium)
Upgrade to Premium to send out delivery notifications to customers or yourself. Your choice of notification triggers - In transit, Out for delivery, Delivered, Failed delivery attempt or Exceptions. Use your own email to send out notifications, and customize messages to add store logo, URL, a tracking link to get more returned customers after shipping!

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