Is Postmen Free?

We launched Postmen Beta during 2016. We also have plans for the biggies to provide them more cost effective experience of Postmen (Please refer our Leaving Beta section) with tons of services and goodies. 

Leaving Beta

Tried our Beta version and ofcourse you liked it!!!

Yes, we are no longer in Beta phase. But, to continue the euphoria, Postmen will be free for its user till further notice. We have received overwhelming response from our users which have filled us with more enthusiasm and thus we thank you all by extending the free period. Consider this free period extension as a BIG note of Thanks!!! - From Team Postmen

Proven Track Record

We are a dedicated team of highly motivated, energetic and self-driven professionals and are delivering cutting edge solution for courier integration. Our increasing user base tells the rest story. 

Customer Support

We honour your urgency and thus we reply you within 1 business day. You can reach us at

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