Customize the branded tracking page

Create a personalized branded tracking page to enhance the customer’s post-purchase experience. AfterShip branded tracking page acts as an important marketing asset. Customize it with the brand logo and store URL to promote your brand and engage shoppers. 

🔧 A brief introduction to the Sake theme

Tailor a dynamic branded tracking page with the Sake theme. Upload promotional banner, logo, and favicon to make the page more engaging. Also, connect your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages to build your brand and generate traffic. 

💡 Features offered by the Sake theme

📌 White-label domain: modify the built-in domain to enhance brand visibility and increase your customer’s engagement

📌 Marketing assets: display up to 5 assets on the branded tracking page

📌 Product recommendation: connect to Nosto and show product suggestions on the tracking page

📌 Look-up option: enable package tracking with the tracking number and/or order number and email address

You can add at most 5 tracking pages and customize them using the Sake theme.

🔧 Add brand information 

  1. Go to the AfterShip tracking page you want to edit
  2. Upload the brand logo and favicon 
  3. Connect social media(Facebook and Twitter) profiles
  4. Add support contact email or URL
  5. Add terms and policy page by entering URL   

🔧 Customize the look and feel

  1. Go to the AfterShip tracking page you want to edit
  2. Customize the page > Select look-up option
  3. Upload images under Marketing assets
  4. Enable Instagram page, under Asset#2
  5. Enable Nosto and enter the account and recommendation ID
  6. Save theme
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