How can my customers subscribe to notifications ?

Our tracking page theme "Sake" now lets your customers subscribe to email, SMS shipping notifications.

Please follow below steps to enable this feature.

1. Make sure you have selected the Theme "Sake" under Settings -> Tracking Page


2. Go to Settings -> Triggers -> Subscribe Notifications and select the statuses for which you would like your customers to be prompted to subscribe to the notifications and also for the statuses for which you would like the notifications to be sent.

You can choose to enable "Subscribe Notifications" either for email or SMS or for both Email and SMS.



3. Once you SAVE the settings, if you have enabled the Info Received trigger and your customer looks up a tracking number in the "Info Received" status on your tracking page, he will be promoted with the "Subscribe to Updates" button.


4. When the customer clicks on "Subscribe to Updates" button, he will be prompted to enter his email id and/or mobile number.

After entering the email id and/or mobile number, customer needs to click on the "Submit" button.


5. Customer's email ID and mobile number will be added under the tracking details as shown below. 

Email and SMS notifications will be sent out for the tracking statuses for which you have enabled the triggers.







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