Subtag Mapping


To further classify delivery statuses, we've created subtags in order to map different checkpoint messages from different couriers. Each checkpoint from the courier provided data is matched as per pre-defined status available at AfterShip's end. 

This article explains what those sub-tags are, with a little description of each.

Sub-tag Description Sub-tag Code
Delivered  The shipment was delivered successfully  Delivered_001
Picked up by customer  The package is picked up by customer  Delivered_002
Sign by customer  The package has been delivered and signed by the customer  Delivered_003
Delivered and received cash on delivery  The package has been delivered to the customer and the cash was collected on delivery  Delivered_004
Exception  Delivery of the package failed due to some shipping exceptions  Exception_001
Customer moved  Delivery of the package failed as the customer has relocated to some other place  Exception_002
Customer refused delivery  Delivery of the package failed as the recipient refused to take the package due to some reason  Exception_003
Delayed (Customs clearance)  The package has been delayed coz of some issue during custom clearance  Exception_004
Delayed (External factors)  The package has been delayed because of some unforeseen reason  Exception_005
Held for payment  Package is being held as the payment is due from customer's end  Exception_006
Incorrect Address  The package cannot be delivered as the recipient address was incorrect  Exception_007
Pick up missed  The package was available for the pickup but it was not collected by the customer  Exception_008
Rejected by carrier  The package was rejected by the carrier as the package was not in compliance with courier's   guidelines  Exception_009
Returning to sender  The package is being returned to the original sender  Exception_010
Returned to sender  The package has been returned to the sender  Exception_011
Shipment damaged  The shipment was damaged  Exception_012
Failed Attempt  Delivery of the package was attempted but failed due to some reason. Courier usually leaves a   notice and will try to deliver again  AttemptFail_001
Addressee not available  The recipient was not available at the given address.  AttemptFail_002
Business Closed  The business was closed at the time of delivery  AttemptFail_003
In Transit  The shipment is on the way  InTransit_001
Acceptance scan  The shipment is accepted by the carrier  InTransit_002
Arrival scan  The shipment has arrived at a hub or sorting center  InTransit_003
Arrived at destination country  The international shipment has arrived at the destination country  InTransit_004
Customs clearance completed  The process of customs clearance is completed  InTransit_005
Customs clearance started  The package has been handed over to the customs for the process of customs clearance  InTransit_006
Departure Scan  The package is being departed from the facility  InTransit_007
Problem resolved  Problem resolved and shipment is in transit  InTransit_008
Forwarded to a different delivery address  The shipment has been forwarded to a different delivery address  InTransit_009
Info Received  The carrier has received the request from the shipper and is about to pick up the shipment  InfoReceived_001
Out for Delivery  The package is out for delivery  OutForDelivery_001
Available for pickup  The package has arrived at sorting center and is available for pickup  OutForDelivery_002
Customer contacted  The customer has been contacted before the final delivery  OutForDelivery_003
Delivery appointment scheduled  A delivery appointment has been scheduled  OutForDelivery_004
Pending  There is no information available on the carrier website or the tracking number is yet to be tracked  Pending_001
Expired  The shipment has no tracking information from the last 30 days  Expired_001



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