Display product recommendations on the branded tracking page

AfterShip branded tracking page is a powerful asset that enables seamless tracking of shipments. You can personalize the branded tracking page to promote your brand and engage shoppers after-sales. With AfterShip, display product recommendations from Nosto or your Shopify store on the branded tracking page and generate additional revenue.

Enable Nosto product recommendations

Locate Nosto account ID

  1. Go to Nosto > Settings > Account Settings > Enable Recommendations > Copy Account ID

Locate Nosto recommendation ID

  1. Go to Nosto > On-site > Recommendation > Create New Recommendation > Enter title
  2. Select Page Type as Other > Select Recommendation Type as Order Related > Add/remove products
  3. Save changes > Copy recommendation ID (mentioned at the bottom of the page)

Enable Nosto recommendations in AfterShip

  1. Go to branded tracking page > Customize > Product recommendation > Enable Nosto > Paste Account and Recommendation ID > Save theme

Enable AfterShip product recommendations

This feature is currently available for Shopify stores only. To display product recommendations from your Shopify store, you need to update Shopify’s permissions. Permission for each store needs to be updated individually if you’ve connected multiple stores. 

  1. Select a branded tracking page to add product recommendations > Customize > Enable AfterShip under the Product recommendation section
  2. Choose a Shopify collection from which you wish to display product recommendations on the branded tracking page. By default, products added to the home page will be displayed.
  3. Add title. For example, “You may also like” > Save theme

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