How to obtain Nosto's Recommendation ID?

A brief introduction

Artificial Intelligence is one of the hottest buzzwords in retail - but what does it actually mean and how can it be leveraged? This article covers how to obtain Nosto's Recommendation ID.

Nosto analyzes your customers’ behavior, learning their likes and dislikes and enables you to deliver automated, personalized recommendations in real-time. Nosto helps you to allocate your resources smarter and allows you to focus on running your business more efficiently. The fact that your site is always automatically updated and is individually targeting each visitor allows you to utilize the full potential of your online store to increase customer satisfaction and your online sales.


At Nosto, you need to create a new on-site recommendation to get Recommendation ID.

  1. Login to Nosto > On-site > Recommendation
  2. Create new recommendation
  3. Select Page Type = Other Page Type (Other Page Type)
  4. Select Recommendation Type = Order Related Recommendation
  5. Select any products to be included/excluded
  6. Enter a title for the recommendation
  7. Finish setup and copy the Recommendation ID


Account ID is found under Settings --> Account Settings


 Note: Remember to turn on "Recommendations Visible" button from settings to allow showing the recommendations.


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