Analytical Dashboard

It’s important, as a merchant, we keep a track and records of the data on our store and we are not talking about just the inventory.

  • Do you know how many people opened the tracking page URL of your website in last 30 days?
  • Do you know on which day of the week, you converted your store visitors to a customer?
  • How many visitors you have this month via your tracking page?

Their questions can be answered with your new AfterShip analytical dashboard. The data is measured automatically basis the visitors on your store’s tracking page.

Click on the icon pasted_image_0__1_.png and a new tab will pop up which not only will provide answers to the above questions but will help you understand customer behavior measuring number of clicks on the navigation bar, marketing assets and social media link that you provide.




The maximum time frame to the trackable data is 30 days and when you click on View Report, you can adjust the variables.


Know everything with the help of the drop down menu with three unique options designed to enrich the way to track data on your store. Metrices contain two options to choose from visits and marketing campaigns > marketing clicks. You can filter out the best option amongst sessions, visitors, new visitors, average session duration, page views, unique page views (will count multiple page view from one user as 1) and bounce rates.

Dimensions filtering puts a powerful scope in your hands to analyze your customers on the basis of device type, locations, channel visits, and marketing.

The precision menu allows you to choose a time frame, for which you want to search. With these changes and many more to come, you will have a powerful marketing platform right at your storefront’s door.

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