India - SMS notifications template

Effective 25th March 2019, the Indian government regulation requires pre-registration of message templates for all domestic transactional SMS sent to India.

To meet this regulation, AfterShip has defined and registered below-mentioned standard SMS templates for notifications sent to India. These templates will be used for sending the SMS notifications to India and are set as default.

Customized SMS templates in your AfterShip account will continue to be used for sending SMS to countries other than India.

Predefined SMS templates for India:



Info received

*|STORE_NAME|*: Your package with *|COURIER|* is about to ship. *|TRACKING_URL|*

In transit

*|STORE_NAME|*: Your package with *|COURIER|* is now in transit. *|TRACKING_URL|*

Out for delivery

*|STORE_NAME|*: Your package with *|COURIER|* is out for delivery today! *|TRACKING_URL|*


*|STORE_NAME|*: Your package with *|COURIER|* is delivered! *|TRACKING_URL|*

Failed Attempt

*|STORE_NAME|*: Your package with *|COURIER|* has a failed delivery attempt. *|TRACKING_URL|*


*|STORE_NAME|*: Your package with *|COURIER|* has a delivery exception. *|TRACKING_URL|*

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