AfterShip for Zendesk

This feature is only applicable to Enterprise plan.

Add AfterShip to your Zendesk Support account for ease of accessing tracking details, right inside the Zendesk Support ticket window. The app grabs the tracking numbers associated with the ticket requester’s email address and displays the latest delivery statuses and other fields from your AfterShip account.

This app targets to boost your customer support team’s productivity. Support agents need not leave Zendesk Support ticket window to get delivery updates, resulting in fewer clicks for the agent and quick turnaround time for your esteemed customers.

List of auto-populated fields from AfterShip

  • Status
  • Signed by
  • Estimated date
  • Tracking number
  • Courier name
  • Courier service type
  • Order no
  • Shipping method
  • Delivered date
  • Pickup date
  • Order date
  • Events

Connect AfterShip to Zendesk

  1. Install AfterShip app at Zendesk.
  2. Generate new AfterShip API Key at Settings > API Keys.
  3. Copy and paste the newly created AfterShip API Key.
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