Show tracking status at the store

Allowing customers to track shipments at the website itself, not only greatly reduce customer inquiries about order status, but also increases customer engagement after sales. With AfterShip, there are 2 ways to display tracking info at your store.

Insert the Track Button to your store and allow visitors to track shipments by allowing users to input a tracking number or by automatically adding the tracking number and courier for the users on store page. 

AfterShip API is a more advanced way to display tracking results directly at your site without asking the user to manually input tracking numbers. Unlike Track Button, you have full control of the design of how tracking results are to be shown.

The API documentation can be found here.

  • Branded Tracking Page

A branded tracking page can be used by embedding it to any page at your store. The URL link can be provided to the customers with the help of notifications. A customized URL for the tracking page can be used to specify the tracking details and build user trust.

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