To have a quick analysis of your AfterShip account performance use the Analytics option available within your AfterShip account.

The analysis options available at the moment includes:

  1. Shipments 
  2. Notifications
  3. Tracking Page


Analyze the numbers of shipments added within your account with various parameters to have a 360 degree view of the performance of the AfterShip account.

The above 3 options can be further filtered when generating reports.


An upcoming feature.

Tracking Page

The AfterShip track page not only acts as a medium to share the details of a customers tracking number updates but also as an important marketing tool. The option provides analysis of the tracking page, can be further filtered when viewing reports.             

View shipment report and page performance by customizing predefined filters:

  1. Date filter: Allows you to choose the time period till you want to view performance of the AfterShip account/tracking page.
  2. Metric: Build up a metric from 4 different sets of data available within your account, shipments, delivery rate, valid rate and return to sender rate.
  3. Dimension: Further expand and analyze the metric with available courier data with shipment and order 
  4. Precision: Choose the data to view a daily report or a weekly report.
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