Update subscription plan

Need to update the subscription plan?

AfterShip enables you to upgrade/downgrade the existing plan. Select a subscription plan depending on your business requirements and you are good to go.

👍 Change subscription plan (AfterShip billing users)

  1. Go to AfterShip Billing > Upgrade/downgrade the plan

👍 Change subscription plan (Shopify billing users)

  1. Go to Store Connections and delete Shopify store connection from AfterShip
  2. Go to Shopify store> Apps and uninstall AfterShip app
  3. Reinstall the AfterShip app from Shopify store
  4. Reconnect Shopify store with AfterShip and select a new plan

Note: An upgrade in the Subscription plan is effective immediately however downgrade is effective from the next billing cycle (after the completion of the current billing cycle). Each billing cycle is of 30 days.

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