Learn about AfterShip premium features

If you wish to know what premium features are available in AfterShip paid plans, you’ve come to the right place. Our paid plans are packed with highly-optimized shipment tracking features to help you deliver the best post-purchase experience.  

💸 Premium features

Advanced search and filter 

  • Find shipments easily by delivery status, carrier, customer email, and other parameters
  • Mix and match filters to fit your search criteria and swiftly resolve delivery incidents before customers experience them

Seamless post-purchase communications

  • Proactively send delivery notifications for all events to keep customers engaged right from the  checkout to delivery
  • Customize notification templates by adding brand elements like store name, tracking page, etc.
  • Reduce WISMO (“Where Is My Order”) calls 

In-depth shipment analytics 

  • Gain useful insights into the delivery rate, exception rate, and delivery time
  • Generate reports for the number of tracked shipments, top couriers, top destinations, and exception shipments
  • Get actionable insights into your shipping performance and make data-driven decisions

Faster shipment import 

  • Bulk import up to 5,000 shipments
  • Save time with a one-click import

Bulk export shipments

  • Export up to 20,000 shipments in one go
  • Get a complete account of shipments tracked in AfterShip in one click

📥 Downgrade to the free plan

You will not be able to access any premium features if you switch from a paid plan to a Free plan. 

View plans and included features in detail.

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