Track unlimited Shopify shipments

Shopify is an online store builder for eCommerce businesses. AfterShip is the #1 shipment tracking platform that enables you to engage customers after-sales with a seamless post-purchase experience. 

The free plan

With this plan,

  • Drive additional purchases with a branded tracking page 
  • Engage customers with seamless delivery notifications
  • Measure your customer engagement and CTR to optimize marketing performance 
  • Monitor closely your email open rate, click rate, and engagement rate
  • Streamline shipment tracking across 700+ couriers worldwide
  • Track an unlimited number of Shopify orders. AfterShip automatically imports orders once your store is successfully connected. 

Install AfterShip at Shopify in one click and start optimizing the shipment tracking process now!

Please note: Only 50 shipments can be added via other methods.

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