Get customer reviews on delivered shipments through the branded tracking page

Customer reviews are a great way to see what is hindering your shipping process and driving prospects away. With a branded tracking page, you can let customers share their experience for delivered shipments. 

How does this feature help?

    • Nurture customer relationships: Get customer feedback to improve your shipping performance and build long-lasting customer relationships 
    • Build brand credibility: Improve your services with customer feedback to build brand credibility and longevity 
    • Boost repeat purchases: Customers are likely to make purchases frequently if they feel a personal connection with your brand
    • Boost organic search rankings: Customer reviews make up to 10% of the ranking factors on Google!

Which shipments can customers review?

Customers can review delivered shipments. Once customers receive their order, they can leave their feedback through the AfterShip branded tracking page link.


Shoppers can rate their experience on a scale of 1 to 5 and leave comments or suggestions.

How do I monitor customer reviews in AfterShip?

You can view a detailed analysis by clicking on the 'Customer reviews' option placed under the 'Analytics' tab. Get a breakdown of star ratings, view top good reviews to learn about the factors that draw customers to your online store time and again, check top negative reviews to find out where improvement is needed, and also analyze customer feedback effortlessly.

Enable “Customer reviews” feature 

  1. Select the Tracking page for which you want to enable the feature > Customize 
  2. Scroll down to the “Customer reviews” section > Enable
  3. Save theme

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