Allow customer to lookup tracking info by order number and email address (track button)


I'd like to allow customers to look up their tracking info by using their order number and email address. Ideally this would be implemented at the shopping cart level, but seeing as Aftership is more likely to roll this out sooner, I would love to see this feature. Most customers are just looking for order status and tracking info if available. If Aftership could at the very least allow them to look up tracking info by order number and email address (using an embeddable form on the store website). But if it could also serve as a complete order status lookup service, that would knock it out of the park. :) Frankly, I do not understand the value in the current tracking number form that you can embed on your site. If the customer has the tracking number, then they probably received the email from Aftership, which has a direct link to the tracking status. So why go to the trouble of visiting the store site and plugging in the tracking number there?


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  • This is a must-have feature for a tracking page.  If the customer checks out as a guest and they don't have access to the account page and for some reason, the tracking email doesn't make it to there inbox at this time there is no way for them to really track the package. 

    Having the ability to search for order info using email alone or order number alone would be awesome.  

    Aftership has all of the data all ready and I don't see this being too difficult to achieve. 





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