AfterShip app: allow multiple tracking numbers per listing.


Why have ten separate listings for one order with multiple packages when one listing containing all of the tracking numbers would suffice?


  • I have this use case as well. We have products that are shipped from different locations in the same order. We need AfterShip to support package 1 of 2 and 2 of 2 etc..

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  • I would want to be able to specify which products went with which tracking number.

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  • yep - we also need the ability to submit multiple tracking numbers per order and specify which products are shipped with each tracking number.  Shipment 1 contains products A & B, shipment 2 contains products C, etc.

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  • I also need to be able to do this FOR EXAMPLE Order # 1234 contains 6 products ordered. 4 x products are shipped from me using Australia Post, 1 x product is shipped from one supplier using Sendle and 1 x product is shipped from another supplier using Fastway Couriers.

    From the Order Page mark the Checkbox for 4 x products and enter the Australia Post tracking info

    From the Order Page mark the Checkbox for 1 x product and enter the Sendle tracking info

    From the Order Page mark the Checkbox for 1 x product and enter the Fastway Couriers tracking info

    MARK THE ORDER COMPLETE and the customer receives a system generated email containing all of the above info.


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  • This is insane it is 2018 and people dropship. The service is almost worthless without support for multiple tracking numbers for a single order. I have people calling me left and right asking why only a portion of their order arrived. What's worse sometimes one package doesn't ship and I don't notice. I really need this updated ASAP. This should be a serious priority. Who ever is writing the checks over there should direct one at someone to build this into your app. Idk, how no one thought of this when the product was first designed. The service is super helpful and I love it, but this one thing really holds me back from telling everyone this is the greatest service I found for my website. Please, please fix this. It really ads a lot of headache for me. I am defiantly shopping for another service with this feature. But its a huge pain so please just make this happen. Sue knows what's up. She's a hustler; making packages rain like clouds. I like the way she outlined the functionality in her comment. That is exactly what I am thinking. Would be super duper helpful.

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