Delay notification


Please consider adding a feature about a shipment not moving to the next stage in 'x' days. This is very important for us (merchants). Its quite trivial to find out if a package did not move from one stage to another for 'x' days. And if that happens, it will be beneficial to notify the merchant. We have been having this problem with Fedex and we ship out another box when we sense that some package is delayed beyond 10 days.


  • Definitely agree!

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  • And this will give two new features:

    - Ability to send paid and more bothering SMS only if email was not opened (important for exceptions/failed attempts)

    - Ability to ask for feedback after few days of order received.

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  • Agreed! 

    If we can receive notifications based on how many days it's taking to ship, Like if the package has over 7 days of transit time, or is "pending" for too long, weI can follow up on those orders.

    I believe this would be an incredible feature, one that would allow us to solve the problem before the customer reaches out.

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