Option to limit SMS notifications to day time


I noticed that some of our SMS notifications are going out to customers at 1am, 3am, etc.. (all our customers are in the USA)

Personally, I'm not happy receiving a text message when I'm sleeping, and I'm sure neither are our customers..  So the SMS notifications functionality needs to have some kind of time window feature of when it's acceptable to send SMS notifications..

This also means it will need to detect & take into account the most likely timezone for the country code / area code of the customer..



  • This is a BIG problem for our users.   Should be a simple setting AS can make to ONLY send SMS during business hours for area code of person signing up for alerts.  

    I had to disable "in transit" notification in order to stop these.  Not the best UX.


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  • I agree 100%. Have only had this app one day and have had multiple complaints on text messages in the middle of the night :( 

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  • Was this ever implemented? I just signed up for Aftership and I add tracking #'s usually late at night. I don't want my customers receiving SMS messages this late. So for now I guess I'll just have to disable the "info received" notification.

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