Order Status Handshake to Confirm Orders are sent to Aftership Successfully


I'm using the WordPress plugin and 40-50% of my orders fail to ever make it into Aftership. If the plugin kept track of all the orders in Woo, and flagged any that did not for whatever reason, it would at least give admins the ability to resend the order to AS. Right now I have several orders, up to 40-50% where customers never get any communication after the order ships because the order never makes it.

This is an API issue obviously, however, even after that is solved adding status success/fail tracking to WordPress would help users identify problem orders.

  1. Add Module to WP Dashbord with rollup status for Admins (# of Orders in AfterShip, # of Orders in Woo and not in AS)
  2. Add logging option to expose bugs so when we escalate to AS, we can send useful info.


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