Bigcommerce Returns - Multiple Returns Customized + Attache File



Our situation #1

We have multiple ships from locations and need the ability to chose a return address based on the location of the customer.

How pays for return shipping varies on return reason so an approved email where customer pays would be different form and email where we pay for shipping

    -  When we are paying for shipping we need the ability to attach a return label to return instructions and would also like to add a tracking number to the approved so that the status of retun can be tracked

    -  When a customer pays for return shipping they should be required to add a tracking number to the return request  

Solutions Recomadteon 


- Give us the ability to create multiple Approved, Rejected customized emails.

Example pf  Custom Email

Approved Customer Payes FOR Return Location 1 

Approved Customer Payes FOR  Return Location 2  

Approved Customer Payes FOR Return Location 3 

Approve Cause I FEEL GOO... 


Approved WE Pay FOR  Return Location 1 - Ability to attach return label 

Approved WE Pay FOR   Return Location 1 - Ability to attach return label 

Approved WE  Pays FOR   Return Location 1 - Ability to attach return label 


Rejected - Sales Item (Doesn't Qualify For Return)

Rejected - Outside of 30 Return Window.

Rejected - Because we don't like you ;)


Alos if the customer was able to create a return label within the returned software that would be awesome and something i would be willing to pay for.





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