Please add this feature asap. almost mandatory at this point



Do you have an integration with Tracktor? I use their app and customers get notification of their order via mail by pressing a button and getting a redirect to my tracking number app page (coding was required in the Shopify "shipping notification" section in order to change the default button).
I want to know if you can integrate your app with Tracktor in such a way that the redirect of your notification on FB messenger will be to the Tracktor app page on my shop with all their information inserted inside already. 
What you do with it, is help customers brand themselves instead of alginate them by sending them to Chinese sites. When they'll track their order from my page, they will know they can trust me and my company.

By not sending them to my app page, your app is basically saying to my customers:" Hi! did you think I'm a sketchy Chinese seller? you're absolutely right!!! here's your proof- just go to 4px or 17track and have a look at the site's gibberish language and see it for your self! cool right?! dropshipping 4 life!! ;) "

Super bad for sellers that try to brand themselves 

Thank you



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