Support translation of tracking details


Request for support of translation of the tracking details provided by the courier on the Aftership tracking results page:

Some carriers provide tracking details for their shipments in a language which is different from the user's spoken language.

For example, a user in the United States who speaks only English, and is tracking a shipment coming from Ukraine by UKRPosta, will see tracking details for their shipment in the Ukrainian language - which the user can not understand - this situation results in a frustrated user who can not get concrete tracking information from the tracking page and an overloading of the customer support team with inquiries related to shipment tracking.

At this time the built in translation function in the Aftership tracking page translates only the page's interface and not the actual tracking details.

It would be thus highly beneficial to include a second translator on the tracking page for the translation of the tracking details (or otherwise applying the currently available translator function on tracking details).




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