How to Use OrderlyEmails for AfterShip Track Button in Shopify Shipping Emails?

OrderlyEmails is a design tool that allows Shopify merchants to give a spin to their ordinary shipping confirmation and order status emails that Shopify sends on behalf of the store. With beautiful email themes to choose from for 30+ email notifications templates, you can take your email marketing game to the next level without changing even a single line of coding. 

Replace the standard in-built Shopify emails “View Order Status” button with AfterShip’s custom/ track page link button to give your customers a branded post-purchase tracking experience. Shopify users who have AfterShip integrated with their stores can set up a branded tracking page where customers can keep track of your current order status and location on the merchant site instead of the carrier site.

What’s more?🧐

  • Change the text and format of your emails to include the customer and order info you want.
  • Edit brand logo, color theme, and design to match your brand tone.
  • Add product recommendations, discount coupons, and upsells to multiply sales.

Pack your email updates with impressive designs, upsell opportunities, and tracking link capabilities.

Follow these easy to implement steps to integrate the AfterShip app with OrderlyEmails for the Track Package buttons in Shopify shipping emails. 


👉 Set up AfterShip Branded Tracking Page of your Shopify store

👉 Add AfterShip Track Page link to your Shopify Email Notifications

👉 Set the Track Button to AfterShip Track Page 

  • From the OrderlyEmails editor > Select the Shipping Confirmation order status from the dropdown
  • Click on “Tracking button” > Links to > Select “AfterShip” (



👉 Add AfterShip Custom Link Track Button to your Shopify Email Notifications

  • From the OrderlyEmails editor > Select the Shipping Confirmation order status from the dropdown
  • Click on “Tracking button” > Select Remove Section
  • Click the “Add section” button at the bottom of the Sections list
  • Select Button > Click Add
  • Rename the Button > Track your package (or anything you want)
  • In the “Links to” field > add the AfterShip custom tracking page link found in your AfterShip account.{{ fulfillment.tracking_number }}

E.g., here


  • Use the drag and drop feature to position the track button where you want in the email. 

Screenshot_2020-11-09_at_4.43.46_PM.png👉 Preview and Send Test Email

  • Before exporting the email theme to Shopify admin, send a test mail to yourself to check if everything is in place.

👉 Export and Replace Existing Email Code with New Email Body

  • Once satisfied with the new email body > Click “Export to Shopify”
  • Copy new email code > Paste into your Shopify Admin > Click Save


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